Erin Penner

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Erin’s passionate and humorous altruistic spirit was sparked at a very young age when she realized she had the power to surprise people, to make their days brighter and to do something outside of herself—no matter how small—to improve the world around her. It began at 5 years old when she would surprise her mom with breakfast in bed—usually a 9am salad—because vegetables were the easiest things to reach in the refrigerator. Raised within a working class family on Cape Cod, she used the tip money she made at her family’s loud and boisterous Italian restaurant to buy her own school clothes, hand make presents, help buy groceries, and surprise her super hardworking father with gifts he couldn’t buy himself because bills naturally took precedence. In her younger years, the only people around her that needed anything were loved ones that were just trying to live the “American Dream”, but merely needed a hidden note that said, “I love you so much!” to make their day a happy one.

After a handful of years, Erin’s attention and efforts turned to helping people in true dire straits—the homeless. While she earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Development at Wheelock College with a concentration in elementary education, she somewhat secretly took food from her dorm’s kitchen and organized her own late night volunteer crews to handout food to the needy, participated in yearly Walks for Hunger, and interned at a women’s shelter in Boston. It was at this shelter that Erin’s life changed forever and she met a cast of inspiring, down on their luck, but incredibly warm hearted individuals that made her realize how much this society truly takes for granted.

On a whim, Erin left Boston for Los Angeles in 2006 and continued to donate her time and energy to make a positive impact on her new home—and she hasn’t stopped since. She began feeding the needy after work on her own, which has since motivated friends and the children she teaches and nannies for to give back, often by writing cheerful notes to hand to the homeless around town. She started attending city meetings to advocate for change and met amazing people in LA that made her fall in love with the city all over again. Vibes365 is the embodiment of Erin’s American Dream—to help others and teach social and environmental responsibility to the next generation with her close friend and visionary motivator, Robyn. Erin aims to show people that you can be sassy, witty, and sometimes a bit crass, and still set forth to make one giant city an inspired, bright, clean and very close-knit community.

Robyn Pottorff

Robyn_PottorffRobyn is a third generation Californian, born and raised to be in awe of and appreciate the world around her. Tales of her father surfing at Manhattan Beach instilled a deep sense of gratitude and respect for the Pacific. Her Berkeley born mother advocated for adult literacy, which inspired a lifelong appreciation of education and equality. Robyn’s family ate organic, dined on carob chips (instead of chocolate), didn’t watch TV, went to Shakespeare plays, read great adventure books, adopted rescue dogs, hiked in Yosemite, lived by a river, and helped those who needed it. So, naturally, she grew up knowing that she wanted to make the world a better place and spread some good vibes.

Her next California adventure was moving to Santa Barbara to study dramatic arts and bask in the sun at UCSB. To earn some street cred, she eventually moved to NYC where she got her MFA at Columbia University and created some great theater with some inspiring people. Alas, the allure of the best coast pulled her home. Robyn had some interesting adventures producing television and is currently working on two documentaries.  She thoroughly enjoys teaching at the college level and creating curriculum. She’s taught Drama and the Short Story, Conceptual Storytelling, Theater, Language of Animation and Film, Interpersonal Communications, among others. Her role as an instructor inspires her to stay engaged and curious.

Robyn’s philanthropic efforts have touched a variety of organizations including: The Pajama Program, Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, The March of Dimes, Samoshel homeless shelter, Amor Ministries, and the Young Storytellers Foundations. She is beyond thrilled to have created Vibes 365 with her inspirational co-founder, Erin. She loves teaching kids how to take care of the great City of Angels…

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