Beach Workshop

August 4, 2016 - October 21, 2016


We LOVE California’s beaches and consider the 75 miles from Long Beach to Malibu sacred land that we’d love to help keep beautiful for years to come. During this workshop we will learn about the ocean and ecosystems, nasty pollutants, dynamic solutions and how we can all make a difference. Come join us as we work, play, bask in the sun and enjoy our California. It’s all about spreading those positive vibes, 365 days a year!


Vibes365 Beach Clean Up will include:

  • An overview introducing the problem and task at hand, the science behind the pollution on our beaches, and how it can be helped or prevented.
  • Instructions on how to create science journals (making hypotheses, illustrating predictions of what materials may be found, etc.)
  • Overview of rules, tool safety, and handling trash when materials are distributed  (i.e. Watch out for glass and sharp objects – let US grab it!)
  • Presentations by special guests.
  • A few hours to explore and clean the amazing beach!
  • A regroup session where we will record what was collected (BE PROUD!) and separate everything into plastics, glass, paper, etc. Everyone will write down their findings, conclusions, and personal goals to help.
  • Breaks for free play and lunchtime (please bring sack lunches from home).  All are welcome to stay to celebrate their good deed for the day.  Play on the clean beach!  It rocks!

Upon joining, each Junior VibeTribe member will receive:

  • Vibes365 t-shirt
  • Vibes365 stainless steel water bottle
  • Inspiration to help their community and new friends!

At the completion of each session, each Junior VibeTribe member will have:

  • Information about how to help keep our beaches clean
  • A science journal filled with facts and tips
  • A list outlining specific ways to volunteer throughout the year as a young city activist

Length of workshop: 4 hours

Cost: $75

Proceeds go to keep Vibes365 alive and allows us to buy supplies to help our amazing community. Check our calendar for upcoming workshop dates. Always feel free to contact us directly to let us know if there are any days that you’d like us to schedule a workshop and we will try to make that happen!!

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